Thank you for saving my life!.

You did not give up trying to find the cause of my problem even after your referral to my GP drew a blank. You sent me for a private ultrasound scan which showed that I had a first grade cancer of my bladder. Even though it was not a purely Chiropractic problem, you stuck to your guns and I am still "alive and kicking" after 10 years. DI

My "frozen shoulder" was indeed a build-up of lactic acids in my shoulder muscles which you found and successfully cleared. Cortisone injections and medication was not resolving my problem. I can now play tennis again. Many thanks  AJ.

A tilted pelvis was the eventual cause of my headaches - thanks for finding and fixing my problem. JN

Thanks to you insisting on X-rays of my lower back, we found that my fall 6 months ago had caused a separation of the last vertebra in my spine which was the source of my back pain. MJ.

The reason my neck was so stiff and immobile was a fusion of 4 vertebra which you discovered on X-rays. The exercises you have given me have greatly helped. CD.

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