Chiropractors are trained to find the cause of your problem/s, with particular emphasis on your spine and nervous system, although all other joints / soft tissues are looked at.

Should your MOT reveal spinal subluxations (mechanical faults affecting especially the nervous system), a plan of action will be discussed with you, taking the following into consideration:

History of your problem/s

Being a self-healing organism, your body needs to repair, stabilize and rehabilitate itself.

Age plays a part in recovery.

Spinal subluxations will be adjusted (specific manual corrections) and if necessary, remedial exercises to strengthen and support your recovery will be prescribed.

Once your body is functioning optimally again, Dr. GT will recommend specific time-frames for re-evaluation to maintain the integrity of your spine and to correct any problems which may have developed in the interim (e.g as a result of falls, incorrect lifting / sleeping postures)

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